Floating measurement platform for monitoring surface water

Using the spectro::lyser spectrometer probe from s::can, a variety of parameters were monitored in the Großer Woog swimming lake in Darmstadt to detect changes in water quality at an early stage.

Schwimmende Messplattform zur Überwachung der Gewässerqualität


As part of a pilot project of the Smart City project „Schlaues Wasser Darmstadt,“ a WAMO 300 from the company e.Ray(Opens in a new tab or window) was used in the Großer Woog natural swimming pool. The WAMO is a floating platform that is solar-powered and can transmit position and water level in real-time via satellite navigation with centimeter accuracy. Using the spectro::lysers a variety of parameters were measured in the lake to detect changes in water quality at an early stage.


The monitoring of surface waters is complex because samples must be manually collected and then analyzed in the laboratory, which is often only done once a year. However, bodies of water are constantly changing due to climate and climate change, as well as anthropogenic inputs, which can in turn lead to greenhouse gas emissions and species extinction. All of these dynamic developments can only be inadequately captured by individual samples.

s::can‘s Solution

To comprehensively and continuously monitor water quality, the spectro::lyser spectral probe was used in conjunction with the con::cube at Großer Woog. The spectro::lyser can measure a variety of parameters that are important for balancing surface waters. For example, using the parameters Chlorophyll A and turbidity, an algal bloom caused by blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) can be detected early and preventive measures can be taken.


The s::can probe and the mobile platform WAMO from e.Ray provide an ideal package
for the permanent monitoring of surface waters. The WAMO can provide uninterrupted
power to the probe through a combination of photovoltaics and battery. Multi-channel communication makes remote data access possible. The probes are protected in the WAMO and automatic cleaning is supported, making monitoring very low-maintenance. The satellite-based, centimeter-accurate water level and position measurement is not only advantageous for water data collection but also in flood scenarios.

The WAMO platform floats on top thanks to its patented anchoring system, providing real-time data with centimeter-level accuracy even during high water levels. The WAMO can be used in all surface waters and offers a cost-effective way to monitor water quality development in order to take timely preventive measures.

„[…] it is very flexible to use and therefore important for many bodies of water in Hessen and throughout the Federal Republic Germany and beyond […]“
Jochen Partsch, Mayor of Darmstadt