s::can at the Wings For Life World Run 2023

May 2023 I On May, 7th the Wings For Life World Run marked its 10th edition with great success. A total of 9 dedicated s::can runners participated in this global charity run. The event took place simultaneously across the world and concluded when the “Catcher Car” caught up with all 206,728 runners.

s::can at the Wings For Life World Run 2023

The Wings for Life World Run is a unique race where athletes of all levels, from professionals to beginners, run together in pursuit of outrunning the Catcher Car. This innovative concept involves the Catcher Car, serving as a mobile finish line, starting its pursuit 30 minutes after the race begins. It gradually overtakes runners and wheelchair users until the race concludes.

What sets this event apart is that 100% of the entry fees and donations directly support spinal cord research, striving to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The dedicated team of s::can runners embraced the sunny spring weather while running for this noble cause. Together, these 9 runners covered an impressive total distance of 128 km (80 miles). Heartfelt congratulations to all of them!

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