Vienna Water Conference 2023

August 2023 I Last week the Vienna Water Conference took place in the capital of Austria and s::can was a vital part of this big happening.

Vienna Water Conference 2023

The event, which was centered around three conferences: International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research, the Danube Conference and the Worlds large Rivers Conference, hosted more than 1,200 international guests from all over the world.

s::can presented an insightful demonstration featuring our full range  of sensors and controllers, including the spectro::lyser, showcasing its practical use in river monitoring.

Additionally, we featured our latest product innovation, the con::line data logger/RTU. At our booth we covered how to measure essential river water quality parameters like NTU, TSS, COD, BOD, NO3, NH4, pH, DO, EC, and temperature online and captured significant attention. Find out more about the key parameters that we can measure with our innovative products:

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Robert Wurm, Director of Sales Water Quality International, stated, “The enthusiastic response confirms the global demand for advanced river monitoring water quality solutions.” Our colleagues at the event had many great and promising scientifc discussions about water quality.

There are many more events to come in the next weeks and we are looking forward to some of the upcoming shows this fall. Aquatech in Amsterdam, Pollutec in Lyon, Wetex in Dubai and plenty more! We hope to meet many of you there!

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