Summer Internship – Part 3

October 2023 I My name is Samuel and I’m about to start my final year at the HTL. I’m studying electronics and computer engineering, where we learn a lot about control technology and its processes. As s::can is particularly specialised in this field, I completed 4 weeks of my compulsory internship here this year.

Among other things, I particularly liked the flexitime and the associated flexible organisation, as well as the social room and the adjoining kitchen where you can make yourself a cup of tea (editor’s note: we provide various types of tea for our employees).
In addition, s::can has a large amount of advanced equipment and technology.

Due to my previous training, for me the testing of various circuit boards was very exciting.
From this internship, my takeaway is not only the work experience itself, but also in-depth technical knowledge and insights into research and development.

s::can in 3 words:
Social, flexible and innovative.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our interns for their commitment during their internship and for taking the time to share their impressions with us.


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