The ruck::sack is an attachment for spectrometer probes and for the i::scan with submersible autobrush and also with exchangeable cleaning brushes

  • Submersible Autobrush for spectrometer probes and i::scan
  • Exchangeble brushes for spectrometer probe with path length 35, 15, 5 mm and i::scan 35, 5 mm
  • One Basis module (motor unit) for all Versions
  • Shelter protects the brush especially from clogging

Technical Specification
Power supply: 12 VDC
Power consumption (typical): 150 mA (average)
Power consumption (max.): 300 mA
Cable length: 7.5 m
Housing material: POM-C
Dimensions (width x height x xdepth): 182 x 46 x 36.5 mm
Weight (min.): 750 g
Installation / mounting: submersed
Operating pressure 0 … 0.5 bar
Ingress protection class: IP68
Storage temperature: -20 … 80 °C
Storage humidity: 0 … 95 %

Part Numbers
F-146-rs-35: submersible AutoBrush for spectro::lyser 35 mm
F-146-rs-15: submersible AutoBrush for spectro::lyser 15 mm
F-146-rs-05: submersible AutoBrush for spectro::lyser 5 mm
F-146-rs-iscan-35: submersible AutoBrush for i::scan 35 mm
F-146-rs-iscan-05: submersible AutoBrush for i::scan 5 mm


Recommended Accessoires
F-146-brush-35: Brush for ruck::sack – 35 mm spectro::lyser (spare part)
F-146-brush-15: Brush for ruck::sack – 15 mm spectro::lyser (spare part)
F-146-brush-05: Brush for ruck::sack – 5 mm spectro::lyser (spare part)
F-146-brush-iscan-35: Brush for ruck::sack – 35 mm i::scan (spare part)
F-146-brush-iscan-05: Brush for ruck::sack – 5 mm i::scan (spare part)