moni::tool stands as the premier terminal software within the water industry, boasting extensive experience and a vast user base. Recognized as the industry’s foremost choice, its widespread adoption and long-standing presence underscore its unparalleled reliability and effectiveness. With a track record of excellence and a substantial user community, moni::tool leads the way in providing cutting-edge solutions for comprehensive water management needs.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Enables management of numerous probes, and parameters, facilitating streamlined oversight and control.
  • Intuitive Interface: Employs a user-friendly touch interface akin to a smartphone, minimizing errors and ensuring ease of operation for non-expert users across various proficiency levels.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Integrates with diverse probe types and monitoring stations, enhancing existing systems while maintaining data quality.
  • Robust Data Visualization: Offers impressive real-time graphical visualization of historical data, including 3D-optical spectra, ensuring optimal readability and analysis.
  • Easy Sensor Calibration: Streamlines the calibration process, allowing for hassle-free and accurate calibration of sensors with minimal effort and time investment.
  • Security and Maintenance: Implements user-configurable firewall protection and automatic probe cleaning, prioritizing system security and minimizing maintenance efforts.

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