ammo::lyser eco

ammo::lyser eco

The ammo::lyser eco is a multi-parameter probe for the online measurement of ammonium. It is an absolutely reliable device outclassing conventional analyzers in terms of measurement stability and lifetime. Precision is guaranteed by real time compensation of the ammonium value with temperature, pH and potassium and a high performance reference electrode.


ammo::lyser II eco: monitors NH4-N and temperature
ammo::lyser III eco+pH: monitors additionally pH
ammo::lyser III eco+NO3-N: monitors additionally NO3-N
ammo::lyser III eco+Cl-: Monitors additionally Chloride
ammo::lyser IV eco+pH+NO3-N: monitors additionally pH and NO3-N
ammo::lyser IV eco+pH+Cl-: Monitors additionally pH and chloride


  • s::can plug & measure
  • measuring principle: ISE (ionselective electrodes) – with optional potassium compensation
  • multiparameter probe
  • long term stable, factory precalibrated
  • automatic cleaning with compressed air
  • unique, non-porous / non-leaking reference electrode for technically unrivalled and consistent performance
  • ISE refurbishment – the easy way to minimise maintenance
  • easy & quick mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in flow cell (monitoring station)
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
  • automatical temperature compensation, pH compensation possible
  • ideal for surface water, ground water and drinking water, also for applications in waste water
  • minimal maintenance
  • life time of ISE: typically 6 month (for applications <1mg/l NH4-N), resp. 1 to 2 years (for applications >1mg/l NH4-N)




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