Monitoring one of the most polluted rivers in the world

The Atoyac River in Mexico is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. It is so contaminated, mainly by industrial polluters, that the river is in a constantly toxic situation. Therefore, it is important to find out where the pollution comes from, in order to take further action to protect the river and the people.


Since December 2017 s::can has been operating 12 monitoring systems in 9 stations along the Atoyac River as a “Data as a Service” project for IPN CIEEMAD (Instituto Politécnico Nacional), financed by the government of the state of Puebla (SDRSOT). In order to measure the trends of water quality and to investigate the origin of industrial pollution, 15 to 20 parameters are being measured by s::can equipment. All measured data is collected and analyzed in s::can’s cloud-based central monitoring system, called “moni::cloud”.


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The s::can film team joined s::can’s team in Mexico to document this important project. s::can is happy to be part of this extremely important initiative of the Puebla government to improve the water quality of this heavily polluted river, and therefore the lives of the local people.