How to monitor water quality from home

In times like during this covid-19 crisis, it is not always possible to be directly where your water quality monitoring system is located. Good thing, nowadays you do not need to be in front of it to know what is going on and analyze results.

Two solutions

s::can offer two solutions, for which you only need your smartphone to access your water quality data:

Option 1) The brand new Io::Tool

With Io::Tool(Opens in a new tab or window) you can visualize the data of the spectrometer probe spectro::lyser V3(Opens in a new tab or window)Io::Tool(Opens in a new tab or window) is an intuitive web interface, which enables you to communicate with your V3 spectrometer without a terminal. With its ergonomic design, it is extremely easy to use. There is no need to install a software or download an app, simply use a web browser. Would you like to know what Io::Tool(Opens in a new tab or window) looks like? Live data from s::can’s fish tank can be watched here:

Option 2) The popular moni::app

moni::app(Opens in a new tab or window) is an app that allows you to have an overview of your data from the s::can terminal con::cube on your smartphone. It tells you the current state of your s::can monitoring station and enables you to analyze the data history. Check all parameters, time series, the water’s spectral fingerprint and even the status of all your sensors.

Wherever you are, simply open the app and immediately find out what is going on in real-time. Download moni::app now for free for Android(Opens in a new tab or window) and iOS(Opens in a new tab or window).

Either way, both options allow you to have your water quality data at a glance, no matter if you are at home or at work.

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