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moni::app – now for iOS and Android

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We are happy to announce that our popular moni::app is not only available for Android, but also for iOS devices! Have an overview of the states of all your monitoring stations always with you – with the moni::app on your iPhone or Android smartphone!

moni::app is a very useful app for all moni::tool users. It gives you a quick overview of your con::cube data on your smartphone.  It tells you the current state of your monitoring station and enables you to analyze your data history. Check all parameters, time series, the water’s spectral fingerprint and even the status of all your sensors.

Wherever you are, simply open the app and immediately find out what's going on in real-time.

 moniapp s6 mockup 400moni::app is free of charge.

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Note: For a detailed manual on how to connect moni::app with your con::cube, please visit our customer portal.

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