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Want to take a look behind the scenes? Get to know some of the faces of s::can and learn more about the employees at what they think about our company.

faces of s::can

“For me, s::can is the world market leader.”

At s::can, I have a varied range of tasks every day. I like the fact that I can work on my own responsibility, which also requires trust. Our working atmosphere is pleasant, and cooperation is characterized by appreciation and respect. It is a pleasure to work in a company that produces very good products that are in operation all over the world, because human interaction and fun are as important as professional, high-quality work. At s::can I have found exactly the job that suits me perfectly.

Aysel Ömercikoglu, Assistant Production Manager

Aysel Ömercikoglu, Assistant Production Manager

Christian Haselberger, project manager R&D

“s::can is a new task for me every day.”

Every resident of our earth should lead a pleasant life. Clean water is the most important basis for this. As an employee in the engineering department of s::can, I have the opportunity to make an important contribution to sustainable water quality. In the interdisciplinary field of sensor development I am challenged and supported with all my knowledge.

Christian Haselberger, Project Manager R&D

“s::can is part of my life.”

18 years ago I joined a very small and young company. The spectro::lyser was magical, technical discussion at the kitchen table were a daily routine, same as device tests in the shower with amazing results. Even after such a long time and much more knowledge and experience that I gained in different departments like Production, Purchasing, Quality Control and currently in Technical Support, the fascination to be able to make water quality directly visible remains. Maybe because sometimes things are not quite perfect down to the smallest detail, and because a lot depends on the personal commitment of the individuals in our company, I still enjoy working at s::can every day.

Nikola Loicht, Customer Service

Nikola Loicht, Support


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