Process optimization at the Appenzeller Beer Brewery

The Appenzeller Bier brewery is a family owned company that is famous for their highest quality specialty beers. It is part of their authentic green philosophy to conserve and protect the beautiful surroundings and intact nature. They consider waste water treatment an integrated piece of their production process and monitor their waste water by s::can equipment to be able to optimize their processes and meet highest environmental standards.


One s::can COD probe is installed in front of the biogas reactors of the waste water treatment, and another probe as a follow-up at the effluent before the water goes to the municipal waste water plant. The main reason for Appenzeller Bier to invest in the COD probes was to protect their plant from overload, so that they can reduce the pollution load and prevent the two biogas reactors from shutting down. Appenzeller Bier can produce unhindered and in case of a problem does not have to shut down the plant. This is also economically relevant, because when the brewery cannot deliver to their customers due to the waste water plant, this is problematic.

In addition the COD probes make it possible to see at a glance how efficient the treatment plant is. Another advantage for Appenzeller Bier brewery is that the maintenance effort of the s::can system is very low. The i::scan is cleaned once a week, it can be de-installed without having to interrupt the operation. One of these weekly cleanings takes about 10 minutes.

The Appenzeller Bier brewery shows how an innovative company utilizes latest sensor technology to control an innovative recycling process to save money and to turn their sustainable philosophy into a reality.


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