The new Io::Tool

July 2021 In combination with the latest spectro::lyser firmware, Io::Tool – the intuitive web interface for data visualization and configuration of the spectro::lyser V3 – also gets an upgrade. Update packages can be uploaded and applied to a spectro::lyser V3.

The new Io::Tool

Automatically transfer data from sensor to cloud and servers

Automatic transfer from sensor to cloud and servers is now available — create data files and download directly via Io::Tool.

This includes:

  • Data files, fingerprints, log files
  • Parameter data in csv, meta data on device and parameter as json
  • SSH-Transfer, FTP-Transfer, SFTP-Transfer
  • Multiple server possible, multiple transmission intervals

Modbus protocol extension

This extension includes transfer of fingerprints, sleep mode via Modbus, trigger of cleaning and improved support for calibration. It also enables the operation of spectro::lyser V3 on con::cube V1.


Other additional features

  • Update Linux from 9 Stretch to 10 Buster, including latest security updates.
  • Enabling/disabling of Modbus TCP
  • Avoid RMA even in case of EEPROM HW errors
  • Updates of German, Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian translations
  • Support of negative values of water temperature sensor
  • Avoid unintended factory reset during sleep mode

New functions to access via Io::Tool

It is now possible to access historical fingerprints and to manually scale the y-axis via Io::Tool.