Take Drinking Water Monitoring to the Next Level!

Take Drinking Water Monitoring to the Next Level!

Our pipe::scan is a unique modular sensor system for monitoring drinking water quality in pipes under pressure. It measures up to 10 parameters in one device: TOC, DOC, UV254, Turbidity, Color, Chlorine, pH/Redox, Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure. The water quality data can be sent to any central database via almost any protocol. Multiple pipe::scans are the ideal solution to monitor drinking water at any point in the network.


pipe::scan Benefits

>> Drinking water quality monitoring in the network

>> Quick installation directly on the pipe

>> Multi-parameter modular system

>> Organics and Turbidity monitoring – 100% secure results

>> Flow-independent – Even works under stagnating conditions

>> Maintenance without interrupting the flow/pressure

>> Full-scale event detection – Real-time alarms within the network

>> ACS drinking water certified


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pipe::scan Elements

Our pipe::scan is a modular product solution that can easily be adapted to your individual needs based on different combination of s::can sensors.


>> i::scan: Multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe, measuring FTU/NTU, UV254, UVT, Color, TOC, DOC

>> Optional autobrush for the i::scan available

>> Physical sensors: One chlori::lyser and two additional sensors can be installed, measuring Conductivity, free Chlorine, pH, Redox

>> Enclosure: Additional security for sensors and operator

>> Pipe saddle for hot tap installation available for pipes from DN80 to DN600

>> Base unit: Flow cell for up to 4 sensors with insertion nozzle, filter, sample valve, automatic bleeder valve, pressure and optional flow sensor


Smart Water

Smart Water Monitoring with the pipe::scan stands for continuous online monitoring of water quality in the production, storage and distribution. Up to 10 parameters can be measured simultaneously and displayed in real time. In order to be able to guarantee good water quality more and more cities invest in their urban water infrastructure, monitor their water networks and can react quickly in case of a detected emergency.

pipe::scan in Action

Learn more about how the pipe::scan is already used in different projects worldwide!

For each of these operations, the data is transmitted online and in real time. This guarantees the optimal monitoring of drinking water.