Early Warning River Monitoring System in Indonesia

August 2022 | The Indonesian government requires, both the Ministry of environment and the local administrations, to monitor the water quality in all main national rivers.

Early Warning River Monitoring System in Indonesia

Therefore from 2018 to 2022 overall 91 stations with s::can products were implemented all around the country by our partner PT Has Environmental, to monitor the water quality, provide information and to strengthen the early warning system for the community. The measured parameters are COD, BOD, TSS, Turbidity and Nitrate, as well as PH, DO, Ammonium, TDS/Conductivity/Salinity.

UpToDate map of our s::can water quality monitoring network in Indonesia. At the moment there are 91 stations all around the country.

This map shows our s::can water quality monitoring network in Indonesia with a total of 91 stations all around the country. All stations are connected to con::cubes, to remotely visualize the data directly and in real-time after measuring.

This is an example of the con::cube showing the data live and in real time.

Especially because most parameters come from a spectral (solid state) probe, this setup is also making it possible to drastically reduce the maintenance needs, therefore also reducing the number of onsite visits. This all has a large impact on the stations’ running costs.
As the conditions all over the country are quite different, two individual measurement processes were chosen. On the one hand a direct or submerged method is used, if there is a concrete structure available in the location, the river flow is stable, and there is no turbulence and no flooding potential given.

On the other hand, when these criteria are not met, an automatic pump system was installed which pumps samples from the river automatically into a measurement station and then back into the river.

With this dense network of measurement stations, a proper, real-time picture of the Indonesian water quality is given now and makes it easier and faster to take actions if needed.


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