Christmas Charity 2021

February 2022 | As part of the Christmas Charity 2021, we supported the MOKI Mobile children’s nursing association, which offers needs-oriented and individual care and support for affected children and young adults.

Christmas Charity 2021

Our donation was assigned to the project “PASSGENAU – admission management & case management in home nursing for children and young adults in Vienna”. The aim of this project is to enable children and young adults with a high need for help and medication to start or continue the care process in a structured manner and to organize the necessary offers of help or therapies for families with a high need for support in coping with everyday life.

Two qualified health and nursing worker with an additional qualification in case management are working on this project. Their expertise in the field of aid and remedy providers enables all-encompassing support for families.

Even before the hospital is handed over to MOKI-Vienna, the case managers determine the need for remedies and aids for home, they research the respective requirements and financing requirements of the different payers/health insurance companies and prepare everything for the parents and the MOKI-Vienna nursing team.

Every year, 50 to 60 children and young adults are individually supported by the MOKI-Vienna case managers with a tailor-made, time- and cost-efficient, structured introduction to the care process or its continuation.

Since the project is financed exclusively by donations, it was particularly important to us to support MOKI in this way.


About MOKI:
Moki is a Viennese organization that has been providing mobile nursing care for premature newborns as well as children and young adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses since 1999. Their focus is to provide professional care at the highest level in familiar surroundings, such as at home, school, kindergarten or daycare

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