July 2023 I Today we give you an insight into what happens behind the scenes until your first day at work.

While you are waiting for your first working day, we are busy preparing your start.

Of course, this includes a personalized onboarding plan, where it is important to us that you get a sound overview of which department is responsible for which kind of tasks, so that you always know exactly who to contact for specific topics.

IT will be informed so that all access is available and your workplace can be equipped with all necessary hardware.

A buddy will be appointed so that in addition to your supervisor, team colleagues and HR, you will also have a personal contact to whom you can always turn with confidence.

About 2 weeks before your first day of work you will receive a message from us with all the important information regarding your start at s::can. In addition, you will receive a short profile to fill out for an info mail, which will be sent out to inform everyone about your first working day.


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