Recording of the webinar “In-depth Application Knowledge from Experts: Environmental Monitoring”

December 2021 | In the third part of our new webinar series “In-depth Application Knowledge from Experts”, Lukas Kornfeind (Application Manager) shared his expertise about surface and river water monitoring. Shown applications provide insights on establishment of monitoring networks, crucial water quality parameters and challenges in remote as well as in industrialized areas.

The full recording is now available in case you missed the webinar or want to rewatch it:





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About the presenter

Lukas Kornfeind is part of the innovation, product, and application management team of s::can. Educated as biotechnologist he discovered his passion for water in his early twenties. Since then he has been working mainly in the area of water quality monitoring with a focus on optical sensors. In 2016, he joined s::can as application specialist and works on several international projects.








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