Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021 | Earth Day is an international annual event highlighting the value of our natural resources, raising awareness for environmental topics and collecting information on global projects and ways to take action.

At s::can, we are proud to do our part in optimizing online water quality monitoring for a wide range of application areas to build towards a sustainable future.


Preventing water pollution

Polluted bodies of water endanger the health of those living close by who rely on access to water.

12 s::can monitoring systems in 9 stations measure the water quality along the Atoyac River in Mexico, one of the most polluted rivers in the world, to detect trends and investigate the origin of industrial pollution.  All measured data is collected and analyzed in the moni::cloud, our cloud-based central monitoring system. Learn more about the project in our video story.

People and communities

Implementation and maintenance of water quality monitoring in remote areas can be difficult. s::can products can easily be installed and adapted and are reliable even in the most distant locations.

s::can products are used to monitor raw spring water from the Lower Austrian-Styrian Alps, providing the 1.9 million inhabitants of Vienna, Austria with high-quality drinking water. Learn more about our solution here.

Furthermore our con::cube and sensors (spectro::lyser, ammo::lyser, chlori::lyser and pH::lyser) facilitate the remote monitoring of drinking water supplies for First Nation communities in Canada. Learn more about this project here.