The new low power terminal for battery operated, remote monitoring


s::can proudly announces the launch of the con::line. The new low power terminal is a powerful computing platform that comes with a compact design and can be operated by battery. This makes it ideal for the use in remote areas with limited power supply. An on-board memory allows to store measurement data for up to one year.

The con::line is easy to use and offers Plug & Play connection to the innovative pipe::scan, spectro::lyser and other s::can sensors. The intuitive web interface Io::Tool can be used for data visualization and configuration. Therefore no additional device is needed, the con::line can be remote controlled from any standard web browser on any device (PC, Tablet, Notebook or Smartphone). 4G communication to any cloud system through secure SFTP or SCP connections allows fast, reliable data exchange. Another highlight is the flexibility it provides in configuring analog and digital inputs for various sensors. This allows you to personalize the terminal for your individual needs.

con::line Benefits

  • Low power consumption – for remote areas with limited power supply
  • On-board storage of measurement data up to one year
  • Plug and Play connection to the pipe::scan and s::can sensors
  • Local access to terminal through WLAN interface using Io::Tool
  • 4G data communication through secure SFTP or SCP connections
  • MODBUS TCP or MODBUS RTU uplink to SCADA systems
  • IP67 rated – Waterproof to conform to your needs
  • High flexibility in configuring analog and digital inputs
  • Personalize the terminal for your individual needs
  • Certified for worldwide usage: RED, FCC, ISED, PTCRB, UK CA, MIC

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Technical features:

  • Powerful computing platform
  • ARM Cortex-A7™ processor, 900MHz
  • Flexible Linux Software environment
  • Io::Tool as used in spectro::lyser V3 platform
  • TCP/IP Interface, Ethernet, WLAN
  • JSON HTTP REST API for easy integration in foreign systems
  • SFTP/SSH .csv file uploads, as in con::cube
  • SQL Database, (Alarm and Event detection)

Datasheet con::line(Opens in a new tab or window)



Adapter Landscape:

  • 2-pin-Bucc: Power supply cable (included)
  • M12: ETHERNET-Adapter or
  • M12: UPLINK-MODBUS to SCADA-System
  • 6-pin Bucc: Various s::can sensors or
  • 6-pin Bucc: Buccaneer hub
  • 12-pin Bucc: pipe::scan
  • 12-pin Bucc: Cleaning adapter or
  • 12-pin Bucc: IO-Box

Scope of delivery: con::line (D-500-012), external antenna (D-330-ANTENNA-PRO) and power supply cable (C-500-POWER-030)


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