Drinking Water

The quality of raw and/or drinking water must constantly be monitored to be able to perform controlling and/or regulating action or to implement alarms. In order to prevent any risk to the drinking water consumers’ health, the measured data must be available continuously and without delay (in “real time”). This is the only way to allow a quick reaction to changes in the water quality. These requirements can only be fulfilled by online assessment of the raw and drinking water qualities.

Waste Water

The pollution of waste water must be determined at many stages of the treatment process for purposes of influencing operation and/or control and thus optimizing treatment performance, and thereby minimizing costs and the use of resources, and also optimizing the protection of our environment. For this purpose, today it is widely accepted that substances and substance groups in waste waters should be monitored continuously and without delay (in “real time”). This is the only way to allow a quick reaction to changes in waste water composition or operational conditions.

Environmental Monitoring

Improving water quality is an essential responsibility. Continuous monitoring of natural water sources (such as rivers, lakes or groundwater), water treatment processes, and distribution will provide consumers with the safest and highest quality drinking water. Quality monitoring allows for early detection of harmful substances that can affect both our environment and human health.

Industrial Monitoring

Industrial waste water is often characterized through strongly dynamic behavior. The water composition varies depending on the industry – ranging from food processing to heavy industrial waste water. Global calibrations are available for a large number of standardized applications (such as for industrial processes, brewery, dairy, pharma, petrochemical, food, pulp and paper, chemical or electronic industry) for all s::can spectrometer probes.


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