The new spectro::lyser V3

High performance online water quality monitoring!

s::can proudly announces the launch of the next generation of spectrometers for online water quality monitoring. As the technology leader we have performed extensive research on our customers’ needs and developed the spectro::lyser V3 based on these results. Check out the innovative new features!


Intelligent IoT enabled spectrometer probe with integrated webserver for smart water quality monitoring

COD, CODf, BOD5, TOC, DOC, UV254, Turbidity, TSS, NO3, Color, H2S, O3, UV254, BTX, Spectral Fingerprint, Spectral Alarm

spectro::lyser V3



Communicates directly with your smartphone via Logo
Web server on board, IoT enabled
Transmits sensor status via optical information ring
Provides a new level of optical performance in all applications
With 10 000 sensors in the field, we know how to make affordable
spectrometers last forever


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Wireless communication - Io::Tool

Intuitive web interface for data visualization and configuration of the spectro::lyser V3.

responsive mockup tablet V3 values black

Optical information ring

The color of the optical information ring signals the state of the sensor.

spectrolyser V3 led blue

blue - everything ok

spectrolyser V3 led yellow

yellow - sensor in service mode

spectrolyser V3 led red

red - parameter or device error


The perfect measuring range and accuracy for every application

The spectro::lyser V3 is available with three different optical path lengths.

35 mm optical path length

drinking water: 35 mm

5 mm optical path length

surface water: 5 mm

1 mm optical path length

waste water: 1 mm


Benefits in a nutshell


  • Web server on board  - IoT enabled, no user software is needed to configure the probe
  • Communicates directly with your mobile device via  Logo or WLAN - no terminal required
  • Individual customization - choose exactly the parameters you want to measure – unlimited number of parameters possible
  • 8 GB onboard memory - capacity for logging data for many years
  • Improved optical performance - revolutionary precision
  • Fast measurement interval - every 10 seconds, no delays, detect events immediately
  • Extremely power efficient - sleep mode for low energy consumption



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