s::can’s systems for online monitoring water quality provide you with a huge range of benefits. The trainings are designed to teach you the essential knowledge to work with our products. We offer two kinds of trainings:

Sales Training:
Everything you need to know for the successful sales of s::can products (like our USPs, specifications, how to determine the best solution and how to generate system quotations)

Technical Training:
How to install and setup s::can systems.
How to operate them to achieve accurate results and optimize your output. Maintenance procedures.

water quality monitoring with con::cube terminal


The trainings are designed to fit Sales Managers and Engineers, Experts and Operators. They are held in English and take place at our Headquarters in Vienna, where you also get a chance to visit our production site. The participation fee of €400 can be reimbursed with your next order. Successful participants get an official s::can certificate.

Next Training Dates:

Technical Training: January 25 + January 26, 2022
Sales Training: March 1 + March 2, 2022