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Monitoring stations

Monitoring Stations

We package, build and test equipment and infrastructure around our standard products, according to our customer’s needs, from small pumping solutions up to complete floating or underground monitoring stations and networks. We offer this with confidence as a true global player, with our own resources and staff in many countries of the world.


Communication Networks

Derived from our vast experience in large international monitoring projects, we can work with almost any type of communication infrastructure, either integrated into our terminals, or by using third party equipment according to customer needs and country standards.

Communication Networks


Communication Networks moni::cloud

Central Data Management & Software

Our software moni::cloud has been designed in the Solutions department, very close to our customer’s needs, to serve a broad range of applications. The innovative cloud based software tool first time combines data collection, -analysis and -reporting with asset management, and with that, allows the efficient operation of very large monitoring networks, no matter if in drinking water systems, sewer networks, distributed plants, or whole river basins.


New Parameters

Spectrometric sensors, combined with electrochemical devices, provide an unlimited  source of water quality information that only needs to be understood and peeled out. We are proud to have available the most advanced data collection, data analysis, statistics, and chemometrics tools, to develop new parameters or adapt available parameters to the customer’s application. We offer feasibility studies at fixed prices, and help with generating reliable data in the field and laboratory which are crucial for the success of the sequential data analysis exercise.

New Parameters


Application Solutions

Application Solutions

We provide packaged, tailored solutions for many types of applications, such as monitoring and control of industrial waste waters including the design and control of recycling streams, event detection and alarming, detection of toxic spills, optimised process control for nutrient removal, dosing of chemicals, disinfection, and many more.


Operation Support

We help our customers to efficiently operate and keep in best shape the measuring equipment, and make sure the produced data are valid and reliable, and can be turned into valuable water management information. We provide or tailor SOPs together with our customer.

Operation Support



Install & Operate Monitoring Systems

We provide, install, commission, and operate water monitoring systems, stations, and whole networks, transfer data, manage data centrally, report accumulated data to customer, and generate reports on data quality and any observations for managers and decision makers. In addition, we provide 24/7 alarming services on any deviations, and provide support with escalation and event management. All these services can provided with or without transfer of ownership of equipment.


Data as a Service

Our win-win model, however, is data supply contracts with all the responsibility for data quality in our hands, commonly called DaaS “Data as a Service”. Such offers are of special interest for global players, government entities and international organisation who do not want to entertain complex monitoring systems on their own, as they do not want to establish the resources, or such activity is not in the core of their interest. Reliable water quality data in real-time are the basis for the planning and controlling of their water management activities, and for the prove of success and sustainability of any taken action based on valid information.


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