Christmas Charity 2018


After 10 years of supporting the improvement of hygienic conditions in schools of Kenya, we found it is time to re-locate our support to a new field.
Through our activities in India, we found there are two closely related topics that are really important to us: The huge problems with water /quality, especially in rural areas of India; and the role of women in Indian society, amongst many duties being the provider of water to their families, not always valued and appreciated as it should be.

Therefore, instead of sending you Christmas presents as we did in the far past, we are going to support a women & water initiative in India, with a total of 10.000 Euros. We are still working on the final details, and will inform you here in just a few weeks about our plan, the targets, how the money is going to be used, and will keep you updated over the course of the project.

women water2


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