• s::can’s new low power terminal for battery-powered remote monitoring
  • 4G data communication to any cloud system through secure SFTP or SCP connections
  • Direct connection to s::can sensors and pipe::scan
  • On-board storage of measurement data for up to one year
  • Local access to the terminal via WLAN interface with Io::Tool
  • MODBUS TCP or MODBUS RTU uplink to SCADA systems
  • Includes external antenna (D-330-ANTENNA-PRO) and power cable (C-500-POWER-030)

Technical Specification
Storage capacity: 8 GB
Power consumption: ~ 1.5 W without sensors
Housing material: Polyurethane
Dimension (BxHxT): 93 x 60 x 226 mm
Weight: 500 g
Protection class: IP67
Certificates: RED, FCC, ISED, PTCRB, UK CA, MIC

Part Number

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