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oxi::lyser™ II monitors disolved oxygen & temperature

• s::can plug & measure
• measuring principle: optical / fluorescence
• multiparameter sensor
• ideal for surface water, ground water and drinking water, also waste water
• long term stable and maintenance free in operation
• factory precalibrated
• automatic cleaning with compressed air
• mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in Bypass
• no flow necessary
• operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
• minimal maintenance (no consumables)

"Why do we measure"
In drinking water applications the oxi::lyser™ is mainly used in early warning systems detecting problems in raw water quality: Reduced dissolved oxygen concentrations are often an indicator for harmful microbial or chemical contaminations of the water. Applied in natural waters or on fish farms the oxi::lyser™ can detect anaerobic conditions, which are life threatening aquatic organisms, and thus it helps to prevent ecological as well as economic

"How do we measure"
The oxi::lyser is an optical multi-parameter probe that measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen and the temperature directly in the water. The oxi::lyser™ does not need a minimum flow to produce accurate readings and integrates the temperature measurement for On-Line correction. The sensing element, which uses the principle of fluorescence for the oxygen measurement, is neither affected nor damaged by direct exposure to sunlight. Under normal conditions, fouling of the sensing element will not affect the results. However, to be sure that fouling is kept to a minimum, the oxi::lyser™ can be cleaned automatically with compressed air. The oxi::lyser uses no replaceable parts or consumables. Therefore, when operated properly there will be no costs for spare parts at all. For the oxi::lyser™ we guarantee replacement of spare parts free of charge for the first three years after delivery (upon presenting the warranty card).

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