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sulfi ::lyser II monitors TSS & HS & H2S*
sulfi ::lyser III monitors TSS & HS & NO3-N & H2S*

 s::can plug & measure
 measuring principle: UV-Vis spectrometry
 multiparameter probe
 long term stable and maintenance free in operation
  factory precalibrated
  automatic cleaning with compressed air
  mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in a flow cell (monitoring station)
  operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
 automatic compensation of cross sensitivities
  ideal for surface water, ground water, drinking water and waste water
  robust and precise adaption of optical path lengths to 35 mm, 15 mm, 5 mm, 2 mm, 1 mm or 0.5 mm possible
  easy mounting without clogging

* only possible when using the con::cube terminal and installing an additional pH::lyser.

sulfi::lyser for waste water.pdf