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Online Water Quality Monitoring - Industrial Waste Water

Industrial Monitoring Applications from food processing to heavy industrial waste water


Industrial facilities, where water plays an essential role in the cleaning or manufacturing process, have to purify the process water in a treatment plant before it can be discharged into the sewer system or into natural waters. Online monitoring in the influent allows process control and thus the optimization of the cleaning performance in the treatment plant.

Another type of application is the detection of product spills. For example, hydrocarbon alarms for the petrochemical industry. Spectrometers are used, for example, to monitor total hydrocarbons and benzene concentrations down to levels as low as 10 ppb. A further case is the use of the online spectrometer for profiling the spread of contaminants in groundwater at industrial sites, by inserting the instruments into boreholes and recording concentrations at various depths in the groundwater.



Applications of s::can probes for industrial monitoring

applications - industrial monitoring

Process monitoring & control


Industrial waste water effluent


Industrial waste water influent


Detection of product loss



Product Loss Process control for optimized operations

Many industrial users are even more interested in the optimization of productionrelated processes that can be achieved through spectrometry. This could be an immediate identification of malfunctions in the production process and quick initiation of appropriate countermeasures. Thus, the achieved reduction of product loss and reduced consumption of operating material helps to lower production costs. 

Coagulation Control: s::can sensors combined with process control software will provide feed forward coagulant dose control to fully optimize operations. This will result in significant operational savings and therefore a quick return on investment of the system.



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